Blog design.Why did I think I’d have time to blog?  In the past 6 weeks, I’ve had a core needle biopsy, meetings with surgeons, alumpectomy, meetings with oncologists and radiologists, blood work, saw a dermatologist, had a lung scan all while continuing to try and run a business, and do all the life things I did before I had cancer.  Turns out my cancer is Stage 1B – which I found out is a new thing.  It’s not Stage 1A, but they don’t want to call it Stage 2A because that sounds scarier.  Also, I’ve never thought of myself as a super positive person, but I’m ER positive, PR positive and…drumroll…HER2 positive.  That last one is a doozy.  It means that I have a cancer that grows really fast.  More good news, the cancer “left the building” and traveled into a lymph node. So that all adds up to a treatment regimen that will include 6 rounds of chemo, 7 weeks of radiation, a full year of intravenous Herceptin and five years of hormone therapy.  Boy, when I get something, I don’t mess around.  No half measures here.  So, I’m three weeks away from starting treatment because I refused to let it ruin my Holidays.  And before that, I have to go to the dentist!  Of course, I never said “If I had to chose between the dentist and cancer, I’ll take cancer!”  BUT — I’ve probably said something close.

I’m not sure that the world needs another breast cancer blog, but everybody keeps telling me how “it’s all about me” – so I’ll write this for me…the healthy me who will come back and read these entries when all of this is behind me and I can say, “God, that sucked.”