No matter what experience has come my way in life, the way I seem to cope is by believing that everything I need to know has already been experienced by, and written about, by someone smarter than me.  When my daughter had Lyme, I read and Googled everything I could about Lyme. I’ve always done the same in business to learn about a client’s industry.  (just ask me about infrared microscopy or accountable healthcare). So, now I’ve turned my attention to getting my PH.d in TCH+P. (Taxol-Carboplatin-Herceptin+Perjeta – the four concoctions that I’ll be getting chemo’d with.) That also means understanding potential side effects and ways to manage them, and taking in all I can about using nutrition, exercise and integrative practices (reiki, yoga, acupuncture.) There’s even a great book called Breast Cancer Husband.  I just ordered three more on the recommendation of my gynecologist. One caveat, we have a rule that I’m not allowed to Google or read ANYTHING about BC after 7:00p.m. It’s a good rule. Knowledge maybe power but its also exhausting. Once I’m done, I’ll be happy to pass these along or give ’em the old Fahrenheit 451.