New Girl

I remember the first day of 8th grade. By the time I got to school, everyone was talking about this beautiful new girl who just moved to town from Chicago. And everyone was a buzz, “Did you meet the new girl?” “The new girl is so pretty”  “She’s so nice.” “You have to meet the new girl!”   I wasn’t so excited about the arrival of the new girl.  I was a flat-chested, frizzy-haired thing with braces, and I was sure the new girl would never want to be my friend.

Well, this is how I feel about 2015.   While everyone seems to be pretty psyched about that fresh-start feeling of a New Year,  I have this 12 month cancer treatment laid out before me.  So, I’m reserving judgment until I get to know “the new girl” a little better.  Who knows? We might end up as best friends, just like Pam and I did.