I’m studying up today on nausea and how to combat it. Of course, at 12 days until my 1st treatment, I can find it interesting.  Stuff like: Did you know there’s a part of your brain that doctors call “the vomiting center?”  That’s just bad branding, wouldn’t ya say? I’m sticking with the scientific name – “the postrema” which kinda sounds sexy and Italian.

Regardless, emesis has always been my nemesis, and I get queasy pretty easy.  So, it seems like a smart thing to do to learn how to avoid/lessen/cope with it now to avoid any on-the-job training.

The good news is that in the last 20 years, they’ve improved anti-emetic drugs like compazine, zofran and decadron. And there are natural cures like ginger, cinnamon and mint.  They say the trick is to treat the symptom before it starts.  And while that seems a little like shutting the barn even if you don’t own a horse, it’s also pretty clear that this this is more like the Kentucky Derby on crack.

I plan to close, lock, and chain the barn door any way I can with all of the above RX and natural remedies. And just in case you come across one: Never bet on a horse named Postrema.