I’ve been trying to come up with a positive visual metaphor for the chemotherapy drugs that they will be infusing into my body. It’s particularly hard to believe, in this day and age (where I can plug in Chromecast USB and stream a movie from the Internet to my TV in real time) that chemotherapy drugs can’t tell the difference between cancer cells and rapidly dividing healthy cells. Unfortunately, killing cancer is like a land battle between two armies who are both wearing the exact same color uniform. Maybe the bad guys (cancer) have blue coats with chrome buttons and the good guys (healthy cells) have blue coats with silver buttons… but other than that, they are identical. Chemo is like sending in a drone that is only programmed to kill blue soldiers.

battleLuckily, the human body has an incredible way of continually suiting up and showing up with new infantry even though it’s, temporarily, getting its ass kicked.  So, my idea for today is to invent for myself my very own cancer-killing machine that knows how to recognize silver and kills chrome: The Cancer Chrome Drone.

Maybe I should get a job with Google. Maybe one day there will be an app for THAT.