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clown stripe washingtom

Today was the day I went wig shopping. In as much as losing your hair is traumatic, once you get over the shock, the idea that I won’t have to wash, blow, brush, comb or style my hair feels a little liberating, not to mention cutting my ‘out-the-door time’ to less than 45 minutes. And I was shocked at how amazingly real lots of wigs can look – especially the one’s made with human hair.  Of course, before I wigged out completely, I had to get passed the idea that wearing human hair isn’t something out of Silence of the Lambs. Instead, it’s an amazing thing that others donate their locks, and that companies have gotten so good at making them light and lifelike.  The salon I went to had dozens of styles and shades to choose from.  I quickly opted out of all the brunettes so as not to piss off Megan Fox for stealing her look.  I also passed over a few that made me look like a housewife from the Harper Valley PTA, Judge Judy, Donald Trump, Mark Twain or a K-pop celeb.  Instead, I found one that looks just like me having a really good hair day. Add another one to the “bright side.”