It’s certainly not the first time that my mouth has turned against me; usually in the way that I want to put my foot in it.  But this time I’m just trying to keep ahead of one of the most common side effects of the chemo  – which can be dry mouth and mouth sores. I know myself pretty well, and should this happen (a) I’m not gonna be happy and I’m sorry, but you will probably hear about it, and (b) I’ve got every possible remedy on hand just in case  My first treatment is the day after tomorrow, and a few things are recommended to start now: a heap of glutamine powder, swished and swallowed, and a 500 mg l’lycine tab 2x a day. It can’t hurt.  Or maybe it can but who’ll know the difference once the snowball starts rolling down the mountain.  OK – I’ll shut my mouth now.IMG_4477