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I have to admit, my self-image and my hair have been all wrapped up in each other for some time now. So, oHow big is your headf course losing all of it is quite the fright.  But since I start treatment tomorrow, it was time to cut away years of ego and start the process.  I’ve chosen a few options. One is the human hair (Yes, Clarisse) wig and the other is this much cooler (temp-wise) thing they call a halo. A company called chemodiva.com will take your hair which you’ve carefully removed in 1/2 inch  pony tails and stitch/sew them around a sort of monk-like cap.  The idea here is that you can wear it under a hat or a scarf and no one will be the wiser.

poniesOnce all my hair was horse-whipped into ponies, the loveliest of hair designers, Nicky, went at me with these things that looked like, but were not, scissors.  Needless to say, she gave me the perfect pixie combo, like Michelle Williams meets Carey Mulligan meets Jennifer Lawrence meets Emily Wallace meets Charlize Theron  Of course, you would have to have a face like any of those women to make it look that good.  But, then we’d really be talking about me getting a big ol’ head!  Suffice it to say, my inside circle (to whom I dared to show my pic) all say it looks cute… but let’s face it, what else are they going to say:  “Don’t worry it will all be gone in ten days anyway?”


Here’s my big blog promo: if you want to see the haircut, just become an avid follower of my blog, and comment below that you could use a good laugh. I’ll email you one, as long as you promise to not trend it on TMZ.