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blue chair Well everyone tried to tell me that the anxiety of the first day of chemo is far worse than the actual infusion day. Happily this turned out to be true. In fact., chemo day felt a lot like waiting around to be called for jury duty except you are attached to an I. V. pole. It was boring and tiring and while it was, intermittently, stessful as each different IV solution was connected, it was all very manageable especialy with Billy, Mary Ann, Emily and Jim dropping off and standing by and loving text from friends. So after six medicines, 7 hours, four lemon drops, five trips to the loo, and two rounds of mad libs, the day ended uneventfully. I arrived home to the perfect bedtray (donated by Martha and painted by Bill) and beautifully set up for a healthy post chemo snack by Emily. That’s a lot in the plus column and I am so snackgrateful.