Cherub cheeksEvery chance I get, and hopefully often, there’s going to be nothing better than posting good news on this site — and today, the day after my first 7 hour chemo-cycle, I am happy to report: so far, so good.  (They say you get a few good days of grace before things might get wacky.) I slept through the night.  Woke up early albeit a bit tired.  To start the day, I popped about 7 different pills, 1 being that cheeky steroid to prevent allergic reactions or side effects and had a healthy breakfast. I did wake with a bit of a backache so when my morning call came in from the Hospital’s head Breast Health Specialist (who I call “Mother Mary”) she spoke these words of wisdom to me: “Get up, get dressed and get out for some exercise.”  With a little prodding from Emily, we bundled me up and  took my chubby-cherub cheeks to the Mall for a bustling shop-a-round.  We walked around for about two hours until it was time for me to head back over to the hospital for an injection called Neulasta.

Because the chemo can cause neutropenia – the lowering of white blood cells, you have to get this shot to help build up your white cells which are critical to fighting infection.  And of course, the whole time we were at the mall, I was obsessively buying and using hand sanitizer. (We have lots of nice smelling giveaways for any visitors.)

Turns out, because I had numbed the area for the shot with something called EMLA cream (lidocaine) it didn’t hurt a bit.  And while the major side effect of the Neulasta can be bone pain, I’m hoping the Claritin I’m taking will nip that in the bud.

Living through chemistry has a whole new meaning.

Mall booty