All I can say is that between the love, prayers and steroids, here I am two days after my first chemo, and I’m still feeling pretty good.  Stomach is a bit wonky, so I’m trying to focus on eating well.  First fact:  I’m not a foodie. Secondly, up until my diagnosis I was using a great nutritional program called Isagenix for almost a year.  It’s a simple way, through protein shakes and nutritional bars and supplements to feed your body good stuff and only think about making one meal a day.  (And you can lose weight and keep it off.)  But now the medical people and nutritionists want me to eat real food — and to do it by eating small meals through out the day.  So you are supposed to have a light breakfast, a second lighter breakfast, two minii-lunches about 2 1/2 hours apart, and finally,  a small portion of dinner.  YIKES! That felt like a very overwhelming task; not even the shopping or preparation…but all that thinking.  So, I decided that it would be a lot better for me, and anyone who needs to help with my care and feeding 🙂 to put togetimageher menus. Not to mention, it seemed more  fun  to pick something off a menu then RACK MY BRAIN five times a day.  I’m sure anyone can relate that if you have to have cancer, believe me, you’ve got to find the fun anywhere you can.

There’s one menu for breakfast: smoothies, bran rice cereal and whole grain muffins with almond butter. Lunch options are tuna sandwiches or green salad with chicken, a small piece of quiche, soup and crackers.  Dinners are a  mix of comfort foods like turkey meatloaf and green beans, tilapia and brown rice, shrimp with asparagus. And my friend Annie’s chicken pot pie which she promises me on a monthy basis. I also had to come up with one for snacks and desserts because what’s cancer without snacks. A little rice pudding might be just what the doctor orders some day. So, right now the good news is that I have an appetite. And the energy and interest to write about it.