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i bet you were hoping that I was going to tell you how I went to Target and got some really cool stuff.  Sorry. Not the case.

The image is here to represent the big red welt I have right where I got my last IV injection. I figured you’d prefer NOT to see a photo of THAT.

I had to go over to the Infusion Center so they could check it out.  Two nurses who have, each, been at this chemo game for more than a decade  said, “Mmmm…I’ve never seen anything like that.”  Say, what??? How is it possible that I have a 2″ x 3″ bright red target on my arm that’s not on a list of the hundreds of possible side effects of chemotherapy?   So, the solution was to outline the whole thing with a black Sharpie – and as long as it stays within those boundaries, I shouldn’t be concerned.  Actually, I will happily choose the hot, itchy, skin rash over all the things on those lists of side o’ffects. Yeah, it’s a rash decision.