It’s Monday, January 26, 2015 and here in the Northeast we are preparing for what is being hyped as the most historic, worst possible-ever Blizzard of the Century.

I used to love snowstorms when I was a kid.  No school, sledding, cocoa.  Then, once I got to be a teenager, snowstorms became backofgirlmore of a drag because your parents wouldn’t let you take the car out and all your friends lived across town.  Today, I’m just happy I have nowhere to go because another memory of teen angst has reared its ugly head.  It’s called ACNE.

That’s right! I have the face of a 14-year-old. In fact, I haven’t been this broken out since the Carpenters were the number one singing duo in the country. I guess it’s the combination side effect of taking steroids after chemo and having no white blood cells (wbc) to fight infection.  I also found out that the large red welt on my arm is something called cellulitis which is also a skin infection I got as a result of getting an IV while producing very few WBCs. So, now I’m on a seven day antibiotic regimen of Keflex. So, I should probably take a probiotic to counter the antibiotic which is countering the steroid which is countering the chemo. Nice!

For me, the take-away from all of this is to never again take for granted that (most of the time) our physical bodies are an absolutely amazing well-tuned system, capable of recognizing and repairing thousands of complex requirements that are happening all the time. For now, I’ll have to accept that ‘It’s gonna take some time this time to get myself in shape.”