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Hair it is.  18 days after my first chemotherapy and my hair is in the process of leaving my head.  It’s not like shedding.  It’s more like when the needles fall off the Christmas tree – abokewpieut four days after you decide to stop watering it!  The way it was explained to me, hair has three phases. It’s either growing, sleeping or unrooting itself.  Normally, all the hair on your head is in different phases — some is growing, some resting, some falling out.  When chemotherapy enters into the mix, it immediately puts all the hair into the sleep cycle – which means it will also fall out pretty much at the same time.

I thought since I had bravely sheared my long locks to the pixie cut and made it through the trying on and buying of a wig, I was emotionally prepared for my impending baldness.  Unfortunately, now that that time is here, I’m a little freaked.  Tomorrow my genius new master hair cutter Nicky, is going to buzz the rest of it down to a peach fuzz and then that will be that.  Never has it been, or will it be more true: Hair today. Gone tomorrow. It will official be Super Bald Sunday.