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One of the positive things about blogging is that it gives you something to do when the steroids you took yesterday wake you up at the crack of dawn, plenty of time to prepare for my second round of chemo and just enough time to write you a fairy tale.

Once upon a time there was a Princess who lived, not in a castle, but in the starter home she bougshed1ht in 1986 and where she intended to stay only for a few years.  It was a cute little house made of brick and plaster and arched doorways and she managed to not let any wolves blow it down during that ten crazy years of being divorced. She finally met a wonderful Prince who was not only kind, smart, handsome and funny but turned out to be a pretty handy woodsman with a knack for painting beautiful faux finishes, hanging crown molding, and floating out popcorn ceilings until they were smooth as a glass slipper.  The Princess led a sweet life surrounded by friends, family and much abundance, until one day a witch knocked on her door and said, “That apple a day thing didn’t work so we’re handing out breast cancer instead.”

The Princ7-dwarfsess, while shocked, was not surprise since many of the townswomen had gotten this very same news.  And so she put on her big girl princess Ugg’s and headed out to the Land of Chemo.

In the Land of Chemo,, she met DOC, an amazing physician with a great sense of humor, and HAPPY, the head infusion nurse who had crazy good IV skills. They warned her to stay away from anybody named SNEEZY for risk of infection; told her that the magic elixirs and potions she would be getting might make her SLEEPY or DOPEY, and that everyone starts out BASHFUL about the bald head thing. The Princess promised to not be too GRUMPY over the next 12 months of treatment but wouldn’t make any promises. Later she would come to meet  QUEASY, WEEPY, WORRIED, and Black Water, a nasty fellow who lives ‘downstairs” and frequently comes to visit.

I know the story will eventually end happily ever after – but for now, I hope you enjoyed the first chapter.

Hi, ho, hi ho, hi ho, hi ho.