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A little blast from the past:


Except for Halloween, I’d venture to say that most people have not had the occasion to leave the house wearing a wig. I’d also bet that if you did choose a wig one year as part of your Halloween costume, you couldn’t wait to get it the “F” off your head.  I ventured out today to the grocery store wearing a wig, a hat and sunglasses and I have to say, it’s definitely an odd feeling.  Now granted, I’m not saying I’m ready to be out there doing the “bald and proud” thing, and it’s freezing out, so having a head covering was a good thing.  But I will say that I’m wrestling with how I feel about it. Am I trying to pretend that this new normal is normal?  Am I protecting others from having to react to the bald-headed woman looking for lemonade pies in the bakery section? Not sure. Right now, it just feels like I’m trying to be incognito. Bald does not feel beautiful, and wigged feels wiggy. 

I guess I’ll take off my glasses.