Feeling a little “topic-less” today, I decided to google ‘breast cancer blog’ and take a look at what other bloggers blog about. I assume most of these blogs were started for the same reasons I began mine: to keep friends and family up-to-date, to vent and perhaps, to help others who have been diagnosed. I was delighted to see that a good number of posts were written by women celebrating healthy milestones like 2, 5 or 10 years with NED (no evidence of disease). Another common entry was the blogger saying adios to the whole blog thing, happily returning to their healthy lives. What hit me like a lead hammer was that so many/too many were written by “the husband.” They all start out almost identically, “This is Rita’s husband and it is with great sadness that I report that Rita has passed on.”

MarriageYikes! It wasn’t my intention to scare the crap out of myself, and rest assured, I already consider myself to be one of the lucky ones. But it did make me tremendously sad for all the families that have lost people to this stupid disease and I wanted to take a minute to acknowledge those who blogged and lost. Of course, it also made me wonder what my last entry will be. I guess as long as I never remarry, things will work out fine.