I just had the loveliest visit with a woman I’ve known since high school. We were brought back together via Facebook, and it turns out we have more in common than either of us knew. I was delighted to get to spend some real quality time with her and so grateful for her delivery of soupthe best medicine on earth: matzo ball soup! Dubbed “Jewish penicillin”, it turns out there have been several scientific studies that support its curative properties. One study proved that the steaming broth improves upper respiratory. Another demonstrated that it inhibits the migration of white blood cells producing an anti-inflammatory effect. Obviously, scientists have overlooked the real secret ingredient. It’s my belief that it’s the soup maker’s intention for the soup to show love and desire for it to restore health combined with the receiver’s acknowledgment of that love that brings about its true healing powers.

I’ve posted a few times about the wonderful meals we have received, so I hate to be redundant but until my diagnosis I don’t think I fully realized how strong an expression of love preparing and giving homemade food is. Nor did I understand how nourishing it is to the body and soul to be the recipient of such a gift.

So, I’ve decided to launch my own scientific experiment. My hypothesis: chocolate chip cookies, Boston cream pie, spaghetti and meatballs and brownies can cure cancer. Ya gotta love science.