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They’re gone.  Totally gone.  Just another one of those things that, until now, I’ve totally for granted. But, my taste buds have decided to take a powder and the one thing I was enjoying (food) has become partof the frustrustion of undergoing this treatment.

Nothing taste sweet, sour or bitter, and everything tastes like it could use a half shaker of salt – and I’m certain it would be best not to add a ton of salt since I’m already retaining water like the Hoover Dam.  I imagine the loss of my buds will make it easy to cut down on food consumption.  I start out a meal with good intentions and my sense of smell seems to be fine.   But take a bite, and it’s clear that there’s nothing going on.  After a few bites, I’m totally fed up, or should I say unfed up.  Luckily dark chocolate still is getting though, and stuff with texture like mashed potatoes or super crunch like celery which doesn’t have much taste to start with is somewhat satisifying. I always thought I was a person with good taste.  Next thing you know I’ll be wearing overalls and listening to One Direction. poster_from_postermywall