I’m not sure how I feel today about the “cancer is a journey” metaphor. I think if it’s a journey of some sort, there should be days where there might be some pleasant sightseeinbagg. Or days when you get to sit by the pool. Today, it feels like if cancer is a journey, it’s a journey where, somehow, you get stuffed inside the suitcase. Perhaps some days, the suitcase is thrown into the cargo bay of a jumbo jet and you might feel like you are getting somewhere. Other days, you feel like you are just going around and around the baggage claim carousel. Today is definitely a baggage claim day. I have another tooth issue that I’m hoping will resolve without having another root canal. I have a rash on my face. My taste buds are shot. I’ve gained another 3 pounds. I have a headache. I have no hair in my nose so there’s nothing to stop it from running. My eyes are itching like the pollen count is at 400 and itchy eyes isn’t listed anywhere as a side effect. I’m still on antibiotics for the cellulitis on my arm and it’s wrecking havoc on my digestive tract. I have such bad reflux at night that I have to sleep sitting up and I wake up about every two hour, coughing or gagging. And I’m tired. Really, really tired. So, I’m complaining. That’s what I feel like doing. Complaining. It’s the other C word, and I’m sure everybody will forgive me for indulging myself in it. My flight today has been delayed.  Of course, I’m grateful for my peeps for letting me be a bitchy old bag today.  I know together we can “handle it.”