lookgoodThe American Cancer Society has some pretty great programs for those of us going through this “mishahgos”*.  Today, I participated in one called “Look Good. Feel Better.” Granted, it is not the most feminist of events, but when your pale, and dry, and brow-less, puffy-faced, and feeling a little like a porker, it’s good to empower women to look good and feel better by using make-up.  Granted, I know my way around the cosmetic counter, so for me, it was a little like teaching Esther Williams to swim.  But I met some terrific warrior goddesses who are also trying to put their best face forward, and the best part was the amazing swag bag we all received, filled with products from Avon, Dior, Estee Lauder, and more.  And who doesn’t like swag.

So even if it was a little like putting lipstick on a pig, being the ham that I am, there were a number of enjoyable moments. If yopigu know of anybody who might benefit from this program, you can reach their website at www.lookgoodfeelbetter.”

Mr. Demille, With my make-up and turban, I might actually be ready for my close-upcloseup.

*Mish-ah-gos – yiddish for the crazy stuff.