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Well, now I can say it…three down; three to go. I am half way done!!! After six hours of chemo today, I’m tired, and thirsty and have a stomach and headache, and so ready to crash on the couch where I plan on spending the night binging on our Fringe marathon. Actually now that we’ve been watching 4 episodes a night for over two weeks, with all these chemical infusions. I felt a little like a specimen in Walter’s laboratory.  And like Olivia on Fringe, I now also feel like I have several versions of myself; my own alternate personalities through a series of wigs. I received them from CancerCare, a great local and national organization (www.cancercare.org) who generously provides financial assistance, counseling and free wigs to anyone in need. I’m not sure yet which universe, or alternate universe, these wigs will work in. I had already purchased a long wig from Allure in Greenwich.But the short ones are so much less of a fuss.  I couldn’t decide on one that I liked the most, so the nice director told me I could have all three.  Happily, I’ll be able to donate them when I’m done. So, join the Fringe team and vote for your favorite: Jodinator No. 1., No.2  or No.3.

Uh oh. Yikes.  “UPS” has arrived and I have to go ship my pants!