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The day before, during and for three days after you have an infusion, they put you on steroids.  It’s a great way to fight nausea; it makes you feel good, and it gives you energy.  It also makes you ab-rav for carbs.  All I want is pancakes, french toast, bagels, pasta, brhouseofcarbsead, brown rice, cookies, you name it.  It doesn’t hurt that its been about 15 degrees or colder for the past two weeks. Or that I’m wearing sweatpants most of the time.

Well, I reckon if there were ever a time to give myself permission to enjoy a few carb-indulgences, this would be it.

That being said, there have been a lot of studies published recently, and pretty good science that indicates that cancer loves sugar. Before I was diagnosed, I had pretty much weaned myself down to only eating good dark chocolate, So, I’m planning on going back to that once the cancer-killing chemicals are out of my body. And until then, I don’t plan on going completely nuts. ALthough, I can’t say I won’t be going completely without chocolate-covered raisins. Regardless, by next Easter, I plan to be able to fit a Cadbury egg in the boney space in my neck, just like Robin Penn Wright.