I cannot tell you enough how amazing people have been. I’ve gotten cards, flowers, chocolate, stuffed animals, food, magazines…it’s been like a month of Valentines. (Unfortunately, no one’s coughed up any jewelry – but I’ll forgive.) So, first off, if you are reading my blog, you get extra-extra-extra points. Thank you. It matters. Perhaps urequests cancer-kickers are just bottomless pits of neediness, but there isn’t a day that goes by where you don’t need someone to tell you that it’s going to be o.k. Actually and honestly, it’s helpful multiple times a day.

Incredibly, people who are mild acquaintances – and even friends of friends, have really come through to wish me well, check in and give a pat on the back. I’ve been truly humbled by people telling me that they think of me every day and I honestly think they mean it – although I do wonder what they picture me wearing – and I do hope I look good. In turn, I’m thinking of them thinking of me, thinking of them…you know how this goes.

Although I would never take any well-wisher for granted, social media has definitely given us a pretty easy way to connect with each other, and because it’s so easy it could be a little more expected. But here’s the thing: there have been a number of friends from whom I haven’t heard a peep. Not an email, not a “Like”, nuttin’.

I’m not talking about my iphone phonebook or every one of my Facebook chums. I’m talking about people who I really considered friends. Of course, I’d like to assume that they haven’t heard (not sure how they missed my billboards on I-95.) Or maybe THEY have a debilitating disease and are too sick to reach out. Boy, wouldn’t that make ME feel bad!! Maybe they just don’t know what to say. I’m going to trust that these folks are just not meant to know me as a bald, chubby gal – and we will reconnect once I’ve returned to my “regularly scheduled programming.” Until then, I’ll keep thinking of them and hoping they are well.