As we battle another snowstorm in the Northeast, around the country major league ball players have arrived for Spring training.  So, here’s the wind up:

ballWallace at the Bag

The outlook wasn’t brilliant in Chemoville that day;
Three rounds of chemo off the plate.
Three more were on the way.

It all started with the IV line. Her arteries were strong.
She’d opted not to get a port. She hoped she wasn’t wrong.

Still, you need to find an IV nurse with the golden touch of Midas,
First, Wallace swung and missed the ball and caught some cellulitis.
Yes, dealing with a rash like that could make a grown man gag,
But Wallace kept on swinging, Why? It’s Wallace at the Bag.

The first bag delivers Ativan, which packs a peaceful punch.
The next two are for nausea so you don’t lose your lunch.
The third is Docetaxol, which contains the kitchen sink.
The fourth is Carboplatin, which turns your mouth to zinc.
The fifth is called Herceptin, such fatigue it will produce!
The last is called Perjeta, which runs through you like a river through a goose.

With all these lovely IV meds, Wallace fought the fight,
Though her taste buds left the building, and there’s no good sleep at night.

Wallace finished Round 3, and prayed the game was won.
But the treatment plan was set in stone; she knew she wasn’t done.

With 3 more treatments still on deck, it really is a drag.
There’ll be no joy in Chemoville with Wallace at the bag.

Yet we know there will be laughter when all of this over,
Shouting, “Chemoville is history” – Mighty Wallace hit a homer.