Sidney Farber

Sidney Farber

I’ve been watching this PBS Special on cancer for the last two nights. Don’t ask me why since I think I have enough cancer-awareness right now. But it certainly has made me grateful for the amazing doctors and researchers who commit their lives to finding treatments and cures. It’s hard to watch some of the early interventions because I can’t help but feel that some future documentary will talk about MY protocol and how barbaric it was. “Gosh, remember when people used to lose their hair, and their nails, and have their their immune system assaulted, and be exhausted and have their tear ducts close and..and..and…”

My side effects d’jour are another burning rash where the chemo leaked out of my vein into my skin and all my fingernails have turned brown. These two are minor nuisances compared to the latest annoyance: I have developed something they call chemo-induced peripheral neuropathy or CIPN. What this means is that my fingertips are totally numb. If I’m lucky it won’t get worse, and will disappear a few months after my treatment ends. Meanwhile, I’ll have to cancel my tour as a concert pianist.

In other news, tomorrow is my nasolacrimal duct obstruction surgery, a procedure to tear ductsplace stents in both eyes so that my tear ducts work again.

I have to keep reminding myself that if all these side effects are happening to me, any cancer hiding anywhere in my body is getting its assed kicked, too.

I have no doubt that someday there will be a cure for cancer. – or at least a kinder, gentler way to treat it. Although, if it turns out that smoking lots of weed or eating massive amounts of chocolate is the cure, I’m gonna be really, really ticked.