Plagues of Chemo

Hail. Boils. Locust. Reflux. Fatigue. Baldness. Tears. Skin burns. Weight gain. Death of the last taste buds. With all the plagues of chemo, the Egyptians had nothing on people fighting cancer!

And I awoke today – one-day post surgery, to discover that my eyes are still tearing like the River Jordan. After calling the doctor in a panic, I learned that it could be days or even weeks until the stents start working.  It sure would have been nice to know this little snippet of info.

kitchensinkSilly me assumed if you have a plumber fix a clog or snake your drain, the sink gets fixed right away. It’s just not a good analogy because your kitchen pipes don’t get swollen and inflamed as part of the repair process. Unfortunately, your eyes do. They have to get used to having a foreign object stuck in there before they calm down and allow the tears to flow where they are supposed to flow. So, as I sit here, eyes sloshing, refluxing and exhausted, there is only one question to be asked: Why is this night different from all other nights??  On the bright side, I guess this too shall pass over.