badfaceAwhile back, I wrote that I had lost my sense of taste and I was pretty unhappy about it. So, here comes another lesson in being happy for what you have, at the time you have it, regardless of what it is or how bad you THINK it is. Because now, instead of having NO taste – everything tastes BAD. Oh, for the days of tasting nothing!

I can’t quite put my finger on it. It’s not that everything has a metallic taste like the books said it might. It’s more like everything tastes like its consistency plus a horrible undertone. My “go-to” food used to be a bagel with tuna. So now, imagine just getting the consistency of a bagel (perhaps one soaked in Wesson oil) and then hitting the consistency of tuna fish. Oh, yeah!  I used to love an iceberg wedge. Lettuce, bacon, blue cheese. Yum, right? Well, you can’t imagine how bad iceberg lettuce can taste when you only get a mildly acidic crunch followed by something burned, chunky and sour. I tried soft pretzel bites with honey mustard. Think sponges with yellow gummy paste. I tried chocolate chip cookies. Think crumbly concrete with charred eraser bits.The worst part is that I keep forgetting or I’m constantly hoping for a different outcome, so every meal, I try something different with the hope that it will taste like it should and then BITE…BAM…BLeeeECH. It’s so disappointing!

There are a handful of things that, so far, aren’t putrefying:
Black licorice
Chocolate milk shakes
Rice and chocolate pudding
Chicken soup

Not exactly on the food pyramid.
Clearly, I will never eat any of these things once I’m through this so I might as well enjoy them now.

Once again, chemotherapy is a constant reminder of what we shouldn’t take for granted. Like everything.
Gratitude, it’s what’s for dinner.