gagaI hate paying medical insurance. Who doesn’t? I hate the nightmare of dealing with insurance companies. Who doesn’t?  So, when all this started, I decided to keep amazingly detailed records of every doctor’s visit, every expense, every claim and every call to the insurance company, knowing full well that, at some point, things could go awry.  In particular, I was very careful to make notes on the day that I spoke to Connecticare about their coverage related to purchasing a wig.

First off, I learned not to call it a wig. It’s officially called “a full head prosthesis” which sounds like it should come with a face and ears. The Connecticare rep told me that as long as I had a prescription from my doctor for the FHP, they would pay for ANY wig at ANY price from ANY provider. I made careful notes, writing down the call’s reference number, date, rep’s name, etc. Then I went about buying the best FHP I could find. Since I had a pretty high deductible that I would have to pay one way or another, I figured I might as well get something out of it. Unlike a wig, an FHP was $1950.00.

Well, you can imagine that I almost flipped my wig when I received a letter denying my claim. WTF???

Armed with all my data and a clear head, I called the insurance company and went through my entire shpiel about what I was told, when and by whom. They said they were very sorry, but I was wrong. They said they would look into it – and would “pull the tape” of the call. Of course, I went a little gaga, and I figured that, eventually, I’d be screwed. But at least, I had my trusty notes and I was ready for a long, drawn out battle. I was told to call back in ten days. Today was day 10.

And guess what?  Miracles do happen.  I was told that I was absolutely 100% correct. Their rep had made a mistake and they would take responsibility and would send me payment in full.

Boy, was I glad I used my head from the very start. As I told the nice lady from Connecticare, I only have one fight in me right now; another one I plan to win.