Today marks the 100th day since my first chemotherapy.  It reminds me of a challenge I read about100daysbl that calls you to pick something you want to learn or something you want to do or maybe something you want to stop doing, and repeat the behavior for 100 days. After 100 days they say you will have changed a habit or begun to master a skill.  After 100 days, you’ll have a very clear idea of whether or not this activity or choice is right for you.  Of course, this has nothing at all to do with being in cancer treatment for 100 days – because after 100 days of being in chemotherapy I am just really sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. But it does mean that the human body can endure a pretty hard beating for 100 days. But, it’s time.  I have had enough. At this point, I am excited to begin to  mark off 100 days AFTER my last toxic infusion which is this coming Wednesday.  100 days after next Wednesday, it will be mid August, right around my birthday.  I will be done with radiation by then. I will be tan, although not as much as I usually would since radiation and sunbathing don’t go together.  I am hoping that I will have the beginning of hair regrowth and that I will have lost some weight. The stents in my tear ducts will be gone. I will feel more like me again, and will feel stronger with each passing day.  Maybe the neuropathy and reflux will be a distant memory. Who know what other fun and amazing things will be happening?  I hope it’s not pushing my luck to say, it’s gotta be better than this!

I am going to invite you to think about something you might want to do for 100 days beginning next Wednesday – or starting May 1st. Walk for 100 days, take one instagram photo every day, stop swearing, draw something, make a daily gratitude list, call your mother, or just commit to being happy.  You can hold me accountable for feeling better, and you can share with me your goal, and I can cheer you on. There’s even a website called giveit100.com and of course, there’s an APP for that.

I’m willing to do any and everything I need to do to feel better and stronger. (Dont worry, I’m not committing to daily blogging.) Are you up for a 100 day challenge?