For those of you NOT marking off the calendar, today it is 131 days since I started treatment.  It’s amazing what you can get used to because in spite of having no feeling in my hands and jokesfeet, wobbly nails, reflux and some other digestive issues, I have had two consecutive days of feeling good. Lots of energy – as long as I take a solid nap in the afternoon – and a general feeling of well being. Mind you, I still think I look like a bowling ball but others tell me I look pretty good.  When I spoke of this to a colleague of mine, he said, “That reminds me of a joke.”

Old man Shmule is walking down the street when a friend passes by and yells to him “Shmul, you look bad!”  Surprised by that, Shmule shouts back, “Well, I feel good!”  A few blocks farther, Shmule passes another old friend who offers up, “Shmule, you look bad!” And again, Shmule replies, “I feel good.”  Well, being concerned about this disparity, off he went to the doctor.  “Doc,” he says, “everybody says I look bad, but I feel good.”  The doctor reaches for his book of diagnoses. “Let’s see….feel good, look good – nope that’s not you.  Feel bad – look bad, that’s not you either.” Finally, looking up from the pages, the doctor says, “Here it is…look bad – feel good. I hate to tell you this but Shmule, you’re a pussy.”

OK – so this is what happens to my blog posts when I feel good. I will say that I have another infusion on Tuesday, and I’m kind of dreading it.  I’ll have lots more to complain about, I’m sure. Stay tuned.