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confessional1jpgBless me Father, for I have sinned.
It’s been three weeks since my last infusion and I am guilty of feeling sorry for myself. Because I can’t think of a thing I would like to do less today than go back to the Cancer Center for my eighth IV drip of Herceptin.  But first, before I get hooked up, I have to go get my sixth radiation treatment. Radiation AND an IV drip- the evil twins.

Radiation and Herceptin - the shining twins!

Radiation and Herceptin – the shining twins!

Now granted, the Herceptin only takes about 90 minutes, there are no premeds and no new side effects to be expected.  That’s fine with me since I’m still complaining about the residual effects of chemo: the pain in
my hands and feet, wobbly nails, crazy taste buds and
stents in my eyes keep me pretty busy on that front.

Plus, I can count on the Planet Red Tit coming into full orbit within the next ten days. So, I’m asking for forgiveness and for you, my faithful friends to send me a Hail Mary.