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This weekend I have much to celebrate: the beginning of my favorite season, summer; the love and support of my favorite dad, Saul Haffner, on Father’s Day and the midway point of my quote3year of cancer treatment. Six chemo-therapies down. 9 radiation blasts in the bag. 8 Herceptin drips dripped.! As of today, I’m halfway done with this wicked ride.

At this point, I have 23 more radiation blasts and 11 more infusions to go. I still probably need to lose my nails before they’ll start growing, but I’m starting to see peach fuzz on the top of my head, and I’ve already had to shave my legs (didn’t miss that.) I will have the stents removed from my eyes some time in August; and I have great expectations of saying goodbye to the neuropathy in my hands and feet, and getting my taste buds back.

Time passes. Life moves forward. With all its ups and downs and sidewayzes, I was reminded of a passage from Dickens (thanks JF). It is not a far, far better poem than I have ever done before, but here goes:

The Tale of Two Titties

It was the breast of times.
It was the worst of times.
It was the age of chemotherapy,
It was the epoch of baldness,
It was the epoch intestinal incredulity.
It was the season of Lomotil,
It was the season of Senecot,
It was the winter of despair
It was the spring of new friendships.
There were too many treatments before me,
There was the worst of it behind me.
You gave me heavenly support
Even when I was going through hell.
These things and a thousand like them came to pass.
Thus did the year two thousand and fifteen reach its midpoint.

As Charlie Dickens also said, “No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.” So many of you have lightened mine, and I will spend the rest of my days being grateful.