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It was a beautiful holiday weekend here in the Northeast, and I hope many of you got out to the park, the beach, or a pool.  If so, I hope you wore your sunscreen.  If not, then you just might have an idea of how the Red Planet Boob is feeling right about now – after four weeks of radiation. planetmars I did get to a park, the beach and a
pool but I safely hid in the shade or under an umbrella. Regardless, the “Planet” is still hot, red and itchy, and tomorrow I have to go back to the Master Blaster once again. So far the fatigue hasn’t been too terrible. I get tired around 4:00 each day – but who doesn’t??

Of course, every once in awhile, without warning, you get this sharp, hot poker of a pain in the planetary area – like you’ve been shot with a pellet gun, just to remind me of how much fun this all is!

I have one more normal week of treatment, and then a week of something called “The Boost” – which is radiation that is targeted directly at the site of where the tumor was. As you can imagine, this whole thing has been a real blast and I’m thrilled that in two more weeks I’ll be able to put another part of this treatment into the history books. Unfortunately, I still have to continue the Herceptin – and this coming Tuesday is my tenth infusion (with 7 or 8 more to go.)

Frankly, I think I’ve develoredbreast2ped a little PTSD about going back into the Infusion room.  I know that the smell of rubbing alcohol makes my stomach turn and I am more than a little anxious about going back to the chemo chair even though it’s really not as bad as anything else I’ve been through.  I reckon, like chemo and radiation, the effect on the human psychy is cumulative.  Perhaps it would be fitting to take a shot of 12-year-old Redbreast whisky to calm my jangled nerves.