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Just when I thought I had found the perfect metaphor to describe the “area in question” as the Red Planet, it has become an entirely different force in the solar system – the volcano. If you have ever had shingles (which I have, and I hope you haven’t) you can imagine the heat, redness and itchiness that has resulted from 22 blasts of radiation. You arenvolcano2‘t allowed to ice it which I think would make it feel better, but you can use this ointment called calendula and mix it with hydrocortisone to help the itching  – which it doesn’t. The side effect that no one talks about is how cranky you can get from the redness, heat and itchiness. And like everything else, it gets a lot worse at night. So, I’m cranky and tired, and sore and itchy, and I could blow at any moment.  However, one week from tomorrow, I plan to erupt with joy after my last radiation treatment. Until then, be happy you live outside of the blast zone.