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yoga1Although I am trying to pace myself on the road to recovery, today was my first day of, what I hope will be, a long term yoga practice.  Yoga is definitely a practice, because it was clearly evident that I am “out of it.”  My yoga instructor, Lea Grimaldi, has a wonderful studio; is in incredible shape, and has an energy that is both calm and energetic at the same time.  Without sounding like Old MacDonald, I did pretty well as a cat, a cow, a dog (up and down) and a pigeon.  I struggled quite a bit to be a plank, a tree, a chair and a boat.  But I am, pretty much, a yogini master when it comes to being a mountain and a child, and I have no doubt that tomorrow morning I will wake up in corpse pose saying, “Watafuka wasa thinkini??!”  Of course, it won’t be long before I am rockin’ the cobra and scorpion.  I guess the good news is that I did it, numb feet, swollen boob and all. Namaste!crazypose