It’s been a little over three months since my “last cancer blog” and I am happy to report that I’m doing well. Some lingering side effects, but nothing I can’t handle. I even have had my hair trimmed!

If you’ve been a part of the last year+ of my life, it would be an honor if you would choose to follow me through my next chapter. I will be blogging about better topics than struggling through cancer treatment. Observations, life and healing as a regular Jo, and as a Reiki practitioner.

imageMy new blog is called Mama Shama and can be found at . The web host doesn’t offer notification of posts but there’s a place to sign up so I can send you an email. I’ll be posting a link on Facebook (Click here and give a girl a LIKE.) You can find me on Twitter and Instagram as @healingartsofct. And I’m having some fun on Pinterest at

Don’t worry I haven’t quit my day job!! I have been known to do a few things at the same time.

I would love to have you with me as a companion as I travel this next road.  And if you live in the area, and have been one of my cheerleaders, hit me up for complimentary Reiki session. Frankly, I’ve missed you.

I look forward to us reconnecting in a new healthy and healing way.