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treeThere’s nothing that feels as silly as when you start a new blog. It’s definitely like being a lumberjack and cutting down the tree that only you hear hit the ground. Thwack.  It’s a little like that over there at my new blog.  Hear the leaves crunching under your feet?

It was clear that when I started The Last Cancer Blog, I was writing to keep my sanity during cancer treatment.  And cancer really does suck enough to warrant all the wonderful support and love you receive.  I will always be grateful for all the loyal readers who kept up with my harrowing adventures.

I have to say that dealing with recovering from cancer treatment can be a bit of a lonely road.  There are lots of articles, even books, about how to get through the first few months and first year after treatment ends. Dealing with lingering side effects is one thing.  I’m getting the impression that my neuropathy will be permanent – or take years to resolve. My wobbly nails gave way to a fungal infection that will also take months to go away. And in some ways, dealing with growing your hair back is as frustrating and often frightening as losing your hair.   As I said to my oncologist, “I never thought I was very pretty before cancer – but now I can’t wait to get back to the pretty that I was.” It feels like a long way off.

And then, they don’t tell you when you are diagnosed that you will spend the rest of your life wondering about recurrence or dealing with the effects of the medication that’s supposed to prevent it. (I have declined to put any more “just-in-case” chemicals into my body.)  And finally, when all is done and said, you spend a lot of time wondering if you wouldn’t have been just as well off, or maybe even better off, had you never agreed to chemotherapy in the first place. This was a topic so painful for me, that I couldn’t even write about it!

And so, while I deal with trying to get myself back to health, back to pretty, back to a pre-cancer physical state, I am putting much of my focus on my spiritual health and healing. Hence the new blog, and my new Reiki practice.

And so, if you have been kind enough to get to the end of this post, I’m going to humble myself to ask…ok, let’s face it…beg, for you to consider signing up for my new blog. Yes, I feel silly asking, but not as silly as thinking about writing a blog that I force my family to follow.

I promise that I won’t complain anymore over there than I did here. 🙂 You might even find my new quest for enlightenment to be even more entertaining than cancer.  Love you lots. Peace, out.

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