The last thing the world needs is another blog about cancer. But here I am, writing another one.  I named it “The Last Cancer Blog” because at some point, some day, some how, someone WILL be writing the last one.  We can pray for that, anyway.

Unfortunately, this won’t be the last blog about cancer. Too many people I know, and millions who I’ll never meet are getting this horrible disease.  I have breast cancer – and that’s the one that seems to be the most popular these days.  So, at least I can say that  I’m keeping up with what’s trending.

I was diagnosed in November of 2014. I have what’s known as triple positive breast cancer. My staging was T1N1Mx. I have to undergo a year of treatment.

For the last 30 years, I’ve worked full-time as an executive consultant in branding, communications and marketing for healthcare and technology organizations, communications agencies and not-for-profits. While I continue to work full-time, I intend to spend more time doing the things I love: golfing, painting, writing, knitting, spending time with friends, with my guy Bill and Boo Radley, my border collie.  I’m the mother of two beautiful adult daughters and for that I am eternally grateful.

Mostly, I’m writing this blog for me. To help keep my sanity, some sense of humor and a record of all the crazy thoughts and feelings I will , no doubt, have.

The world doesn’t need another cancer blog.  We need a cure.


What do you think?

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